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I am trying a different mantra today. It’s simple, just two syllables: Ham-sa. In Sanskrit it means “I am That.”

The Yogis say that Ham-sa is the most natural mantra, the one we are all given by God before birth. It is the sound of our own breath. Ham on the inhale; sa on the exhale. As long as we live, every time we breathe in or out, we are repeating this mantra. I am That. I am divine, I am with God, I am an expression of God, I am not separate, I am not alone, I am not this limited illusion of an individual. I’ve always found Ham-sa easier to meditate with than Om, the---how would you say this---“official” mantra of Yoga. But I was talking to this monk the other day and he told me to go ahead and use Ham-sa if it helped my meditation. He said, “Meditate on whatever causes a revolution in your mind.”

So I’ll sit with it here today. Ham-sa. I am That. 

                                              Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert